Hi, I'm Matt!

I am an artist based in Toronto, Ontario, but I grew up in a smallish city called Kingston, Ontario. My childhood obsession with Sailor Moon and later Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Xena: Warrior Princess led me to develop a habit of drawing warrior women frequently in my art.  I have refined my abilities to draw large-scale chalk drawings of Serena/Usagi on cement into watercolour and ink illustrations on a slightly smaller scale. I offer character designs and concepts that reflect the strength and complexity that these groundbreaking characters had.



Ontario College of Art and Design University, B.D., Illustration, In Progress.

Solo Exhibitions:

2017 – Solo Show on The Wall, Pegasus On Church, Toronto, On

Group Exhibitions:

2018 – OVER 9000!!!!, #Hashtag Gallery, Toronto, ON

2017 – ETA Tarot, Freedom Factory, Toronto, ON

2017 – The Wall, Pegasus On Church, Toronto, ON

2017 – Pride Show on The Wall, Pegasus On Church, Toronto, ON

2017 – Fix Up Look Sharp, Northern Contemporary, Toronto, ON

2017 – Never Real & Always True, Northern Contemporary, Toronto, ON

2016 – Fake Geek Girls Like Us, Art Annex Center, Toronto, ON

2015 – 4x4 And A Little More, #Hashtag Gallery, Toronto, ON

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